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We are in  greater Los Angeles Area

About Us

We are bilingual Spanish-English wedding officiants! We love to help couples to have the wedding of their dreams. that’s why we work with wedding planners, event coordinators, furthermore, we go to banquet halls, private locations, hotels, event venues, chapels, churches, beaches, parks, just about anywhere in California to officiate a wedding. We basically bring the service to you. We are authorized by the Los Angeles county Clerk Office to provide couples Confidential marriage license to legalize the marriage, and by the power granted by the State of California we pronounce couples as husband and wife, as well as Same-sex marriage. Our specialty is that we do anything possible to help the couple to take the stress away, the party alone is stressful enough, So we pretty much guide and help them to have a smooth marriage process. The stress-free process is definitely what we are known for besides being respectful, punctual, and very reliable, friendly, kind, full energetic. Word of mouth is by far something that we feel very honored, we believe that if you smile the whole world will smile with you. We are the kind of people that do the right thing, just because is the right thing to do, not do it for the recognition, by always putting the client’s interest first we are able to create successful interactions with our clients allowing us to be referred to friends and family by our own clients, that sets us apart friendliness, accuracy, and reliability.  We always work with our clients to make sure that if is possible, we will get it done.

These couples are a few of many weddings we have officiated

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